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Hi Guys and Girls,

It's now the end of my second day and I am a few hundred kilometers from where I started my Inida trip already. After landing in Delhi (9 hours early due to getting offered a direct flight instead of the horrific stop over) I took a metro to Delhi city centre. They have dudes with guns at the entrances to all metro and train stations! When I asked a taxi driver why, he said "Pakistani's try to make big bang"!

First thing I noticed exiting the metro was the roads going in every direction surrounding me, and the "Oh s***" feeling. Roads have no lanes and are sometimes 7 cars wide. I was planning to walk to the hostel but that proved to be a bad idea so I took a rickshaw instead. Scary as hell being on the back of a bike with some guy weaving in and out of 7 lanes of traffic. Later on I went to the tourism office and booked a trip to a few cities over the next week. I'm now in Pushkar (Holy city in Rajasthan). Got my own taxi driver for the whole trip because all the trains in the area are running 24 hours behind AND are fully booked for the next week!

Got here around 5pm and just been out exploring the city where I met some Swiss guys and did the rounds with them.

It's been a real eye opener so far! The poverty is pretty horrific. People living in tarpaulin tents, in sleeping bags, beggars with no legs, the whole 9 yards. It's a scary place but the people I have encountered have been really nice and I'm slowly finding my feet and learning a few words of Hindi. Fortunately most people speak some English otherwise I'd be really lost.

Anyway, dinner and a shower calls. I'll update this page again in a couple of days (as and when internet allows).

Thanks for reading. Much love to everyone.

Omar x

PS Traffic rules here function on a "We'd like you to do this but don't worry if it's too much hassle" basis. Examples of this include whether you fancy stopping at traffic lights or driving on the correct side of the road! A sign I saw earlier encapsulated this quite well. It said, "CAUTION! We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause"....

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